artist statement

In my paintings and works on paper, I reference my landscape photographs from trail hikes in national parks, rural widerness and even urban settings. I am drawn to evidence of life in plants, wildlife, water, forest, desert and mountain vistas. I mine the landscape for colors, patterns and visual elements that excite and inspire me. My view is enhanced by the change of seasons or the shifting light of day, that can dramatically alter the projected shadows at a particulr moment in time. Shadows remind me of experiences or people who were once present in my life, sometimes defined or -- more often -- blurred and diffused.

 My process involves successive layers of patterns, textures, shapes and colors, beginning with silkscreen printing and enhanced by drawing, painting, printing and experimental mark-making. Each layer magnifies, overlaps, obscures or otherwise enhances the layers that came before. Reimagining what I have experienced eventually results in an image that is no longer constrained by the elements of the natural world that inspired it.

Ultimately, I hope that my work can provide the viewer with a window into my world, and a resonance with their own.