artist statement

Through my observations of the natural world over the passage of time, I am inspired by the layering of light, pattern, texture and color.

Being surrounded by nature has always been a source of interpretation for me, I am concerned about the impact and consequences of climate change. From remembered landscapes, I draw on my landscape photographs both rural and urban, recording light, shadow and memory.

 In the studio process, beginning with printing my photo silkscreens, I build each successive layer of pattern, texture,  and color.  I enhance the image by drawing, painting, printing and experimental mark-making. Each layer magnifies, overlaps, obscures or otherwise enhances the layers that came before.

 Reimagining what I have observed, I reference the natural world with its organic and man-made structures. The resulting images suggest narratives of unfolding life cycles: birth, growth, death and renewal. These vistas, both rural and urban, are composites of landscapes producing a memoir of places in transition.