artist statement

 Through observational practice, I reinterpret the natural and man made environment, referencing my landscape photographs recording light, shadow and memory. My work transforms feelings and memories into something tangible, focusing on segments of vistas that reflect what I have experienced.

In the studio process, beginning with printing my photo silkscreens, I build each successive layer of pattern, texture and color. I enhance the image by drawing, painting, printing, and experimental mark-making. Merging the images from several perspectives gives a closer interpretation of my experiences. Memories of thoughts from particular locations evoke impressions accumulated in the layered images. Each layer magnifies, overlaps, obscures or otherwise enhances the layer that came before. 

 Reimagining what I have observed, I reference the natural world with its organic and man-made structures. The resulting images suggest narratives of unfolding life cycles: birth, growth, death and renewal. These vistas, both rural and urban, are composites of landscapes producing a memoir of places in transition.